Becoming a VIP - How to Gain Access (Must do 1 of the 4 below)

1. Buy our $60 "Exclusive Brand T-Shirt" (full VIP access)

2. Venmo/CashApp/PayPal $60 to @Dolla2Dollas (full VIP access)

3. Become a VIP after your 10th order (full VIP access, lifetime access comes after 25th order)

4. Become a part-time VIP (monthly discounts, free e-book, free wristband or bracelet) after your 5th order, or send $40 to @Dolla2Dollas 

What does being a VIP include?

1. Free "Exclusive Brand" T-Shirt

2. Monthly Discounts

3. Monthly Bonuses

4. Free E-Book on 'How to Build an Unbreakable Mindset' through a gritty, but very fulfilling Morning Routine

5. First in line for Pre-Orders and Holds

6. Free Wristband or Bracelet 

7. Monday Motivation Emails

8. Outfit Ideas (based on what you've bought)

9. 1 Custom Order half off original price

10. Full Access to everything included above for 12 months

11. Bonus (JUST ADDED!) Automatically entered in a VIP Giveaway (ONLY and ALL VIPs get entered) for a chance to win either 1. Custom Order under $50 or, 2. Our newest T-Shirt or Hoodie, or 3. Our #1 Best Seller on T-Shirt or Hoodie

12. ANOTHER BONUS: Automatically entered in a VIP HANGOUT (ONLY and ALL VIPs get entered) for a chance to hang out with Dolla2Dollas ALL DAY!!!

** Winner for both Bonuses will be announced in July. Giveaway and Hangout will be in September.